DIY: Ringflash

After reading a few do-it-yourself ringflash pages I've decided to make my own for flash head used with synchro cable. And here are effects ;)

Read more to see complete process of making my own DIY ring flash :)

My ringflash was inspired mostly by one of Strobist articles.

- one plastic bowl
- cake box (pipe) for 100 CD
- sheet of white nylon / silk for lining / any other semi-transparent material
- two-sided scotch tape
- protective tape (I've used black insulation tape)
- aluminium foil (from kitchen :))
- velcro
- scissors
- knife
- pen

Cut off the top of the cake box at the desired height (bowl height).

Put the pipe into the bowl and mark ring to cut off.

Cut the marked area off.

Mark and cut off a hole for flash head at the side of the bowl.

Put some scotch tape on the pipe. Also cut a circle from its base.

Take off the masking tape and glue the pipe bottom-up in the bowl.

Place alu foil on the taped pipe.

Here I've run some early tests on my family :)

Test status: pass :)

Next: glue the tape in the bowl and the alu foil on it.

Screw the pipe base on the bottom of the pipe and place your white material on it. Mark a circle and cut it off.

Glue strips of tape on the pipe base and put some white material on it.

Apply the strips of the scotch tape to the edge of bowl, put the material edges on it and cut off the redundant material. (I've used 2 layers - silk for lining is too transparent :))

Also apply some protective tape on the flash gun hole edges to avoid scratching your flash head or breaking the alu foil. (I've used black insulation tape).

Your ringflash is almost complete :)
Here I've run some tests on an animal :D

Nice catchlights, huh? ;)
Compare with a usual shot when a bare flash head (handheld off cam) is pointed directly onto the subject.


Finish the ring with some protective tape on the edges for maximum security and professional look :)

Consider some mounting system. I've glued some velcro on the flash head hole edges (this foto contains less velcro than really needed).

My flash heads have 'wings' with velcro - it's the best way to quickly put accessories on/off the flash head.

If you like my solution - post a comment :) 
And have fun using it :)

Additional thoughts:
1. Now I'm thinking about some light modifiers for this ring - here's one of them :)
2. For macro I'm gonna make & use some LED rings - they're much smaller. Here's the idea but I'm gonna mount it on Cokin lens hood.
3. Hmm, what about a ring light made of christmas tree lights? :)

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